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Outstanding Services

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Rachel Hawkswell, Huddersfield

07977 552 697
01484 917807

Hangingstone Cottage
4 Hangingstone Rd

Luxury boarding at my home so the animals can have a little holiday of their own where they will be treated as part of the family.

My name is Rachel. A Registered Nurse by background, I have taken the leap to follow my passion...all things animal!!!!

I live with my husband and teenage son near the Pennines and am fortunate enough to have some of the most beautiful countryside on my doorstep. I have had animals all my life from hamsters to horses (and most of everything in-between).

All breeds considered, large or small and flexible to suit different needs. Group walks and individual walks offered. Pick up and drop off from your home. Pet visits including puppies, cats and small animals. Luxury boarding at my home so the animals can have a little holiday of their own where they will be treated as part of the family. I am fully Insured, CRB checked and also Registered with N.A.R.P.s (National Association of Pet Sitters and Dog Wallers). I have successfully completed a Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Business course and am currently studying for a Diploma in Dog Psychology.

I offer Reiki Healing as a complimentary therapy and have been practising Animal Communication since 2007.

For piece of mind, I also have access to a 24hr Vet Advice service.

Please feel free to get in touch so we can discuss your requirements / options.

What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication or Pet Psychic Communication as it is sometimes called is the transference of information telepathically. Animals communicate naturally using telepathy and although they might not be able to physically exhibit some emotions such as crying for example, it doesn't mean that they still "feel" that emotion in the same way as we do.

As humans we are all born with this ability but our culture is such that we grow up relying on verbal communication and our telepathic skills become rusty. The good news is that ALL of us have the ability to communicate with our animals and do much of the time without realising! Have you ever had a "gut feeling" about your animal? Well this is your animal trying to communicate with you! If you ignore their communication, eventually they give up and stop trying. Communication can be done over distance too. Can you remember a time when you were thinking about someone and then, next thing is, that very person calls your phone?! This is a good example of telepathy, we just don't recognise it.

When I ask questions, I will receive, images, words and feelings that I record for the animal's human. Each animal is an individual with their own personality and purpose. I work with all animals and the sorts of information includes:

* the animal's like and dislikes

* if they are sore / feeling pain (can pinpoint where that soreness is)

* if something is causing them emotional pain and the reason

* the reason's behind undesirable behaviour

* if they need help in passing on

Animals that have already passed on can also be communicated with.

I treat all animals with respect and compassion. To be able to communicate with an animal is a real privilege and being able to assist in connecting a human with their animal can be very enlightening to both parties.

Not sure if this is for you? If you would like more information just contact me. No question is too silly, I’m here to help.

Services & Price list

Doggie day care

Dog Boarding

Dog Grooming   Maintenance brush, de-tangle, bath, nail clipping, facial, (includes pick up and drop off if required) Please note I do not clip or trim coats.

Small animal (inc.puppy visits)

Small animal boarding

Pet Taxi  (within 10 miles, 0.50p per mile after 4 miles)

Reduced rates for secondary dog(s)

Doggy Day Care                                           £15 per day

Dog Boarding                                               £18 per 24hrs

Dog Grooming                                             £5 to £15

Small animal visits                                    £6

Small animal boarding                           £6 per 24hrs

Pet taxi                                                             £6

Travelling cost outside 4 miles          £0.50p per mile

Additional Services:

Animal Reiki healing treatment £35 (up to 1 hour but animal decides length - usually 45mins) a small fuel charge will be added for travel distances over 10 miles

Reiki Distance Healing £70 for 3 sessions (please email me a photo and some details of your animal and I will contact you to make arrangements)

Animal Communication £20 (either with the animal present or from a photo)

Accepted methods of Payment:
Cash, Cheques, Direct Debit, BACS Payment

Please contact me for more information

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Rachel Hawkswell
Hangingstone Cottage
4 Hangingstone Rd
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom


07977 552 697 / 01484 917807



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