Outstanding Services

  • Hound Hall Luxury Dog Hotel

  • Hurworth Burn Luxury Pet Hotel

  • Just-Like-Home Residential Dog Daycare & Boarding

  • Bellslea Hills Pet Hotel & Spa

Outstanding Services

Outstanding Services

  • Dog Trainer in Slough

  • POOCH PAWS Dog Trainer and Behaviourist

Dog World

Welcome to our brand new section Dog World.

Whether it’s helping you to find an amazing dog walker, trainer, boarding facility or a dog of your dreams in the new dog or in the dog you already have we would like to be part of it.

There is a lot to know about our adorable furry best friends as well as the people who chose to use their passion and make dogs a part of their working life.

We look forward to your reading and enjoying our articles.

  • Adopting a Dog

    Our rescue shelters are full of excellent dogs. Most of them are stray dogs that have been found wandering the streets, but some have been brought in by owners who didn’t want them or couldn’t look after them anymore.

  • Comparing Dog Boarding Options

    Do you ever feel guilty when you’re about to go away and you have to make arrangements for your dog?

    Kira a Crazy