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Outstanding Services

Outstanding Services

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Puppy Poetry

We at Dog Boarding Compare love everything about our four legged friends and we decided to make a puppy poetry a huge part of our website. We fell in love with enchanting poetry written and recorded by Suki The Saluki.

You can find Suki’s new captivating book of poetry which explores the joys and the world of human’s best friend on FeedARead


  • Dear Mr Cesar Millan

    Cesar Millan with his Daddy

    Cesar Millan has become highly controversial figure among canine behaviourists and dog trainers. Cesar has become the face of what many trainers call Dominance Training for dogs.

  • Queen of Patience

    Queen of Patience

    I probably should mention
    Who’s the queen of patience.
    She can never give a toss,
    She is a smartie, golden boss.
    What a stubborn fluffy ball of gold,
    Having fun testing me
    Every time
    I take her for a stroll.

  • Suki The Saluki


    Have you ever looked
    at Doggie and thought
    Gosh, you are unique,
    You are one of a kind!
    And have you ever met the one,
    The one which stayed
    a long time on your mind?
    Then you know, what I try to say.
    There is always one you can’t get away.