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Are British Dogs Xenophobic?

Well the answer is yes and no. They certainly, like us humans do not get born that way. But I would say xenophobic behavioural problems are definitely on the increase.

So how come, at some point in the life of our beloved pooches, a harmless curiosity changes into a hate? People who keep their dog unneutred either for health, psychological or breeding purposes know very well what I am talking about. Imagine you are out and about in the park with your unneutered dog playing, walking or simply chilling out. And suddenly from out of nowhere, another dog runs towards you and decides to go for your harmless dog, for no other explainable reason other than… The smell!

Popular excuses

Yes, I have to tell you, your dog does smell and he does smell differently. So while you are kept busy getting that crazy dog off your poor one, his owner comes with a great and helpful explanation such as “My dog never does that, he loves dogs, I don’t know what got into him” or “My dog doesn’t like intact dogs, your dog should have been neutered” or “He doesn’t like puppies”, “He isn’t feeling well today”, “He was attacked as a puppy” and blah blah blah…

Is your dog bullied?

Are you an owner of an intact dog, who has been bullied and attacked numerous times? The more often your dog gets bullied, the more suspicious and defensive he will get around other dogs. Soon enough you will be the one whose dog will start to attack first to protect himself. You will then start to use the same lame excuses and the vicious cycle continues.So how come this wasn’t the case some 20 years ago when neutering wasn’t that common? The unneutered dogs were getting along just fine.


I firmly believe a large portion of this neutered to unneutered dog aggression is because these neutered dogs are usually not properly socialized with intact dogs. In the past there were more intact dogs around so understandably your dog got more exposure to their different smell and didn’t feel threatened when he met a new one smelling similar.


Are you socializing your puppy properly?


Getting your puppy socialised with an older and mature intact male should be high on your list of priorities. Finding great unneutered role models for your puppy to meet on a regular basis while he is maturing, as well as after his neutering will help your dog not to feel xenophobic around intact males.

If you already have a dog, which is reacting to unneutered ones, please seek help before it gets out of hand and before your dog traumatises  somebody else by exploiting such behaviour.

Neutering is not for everyone

Not every puppy can be neutered before other dogs start to pick up on his different smell. Some breeds need longer time to allow for proper maturity, others are intended to be bred from. There are some occasions when a dog cannot be neutered for medical reasons. On rare occasions neutering can go wrong and this could influence an owner’s decision not to neuter future males. Please keep in mind, neutering is an operation and as such it comes with risks.

 The perks of finding boarding and walking services for an entire pooch

Keeping an intact male is so much more inconvenient, so it’s understandable that the   majority will have their dog neutered. Have you ever tried to find a dog walker for such a dog? Or boarding and doggie day care facility? In one of my next blogs, I will try to find out how difficult it is to get proper care for your intact dog while you are on holidays and how difficult it is to find a good dog walker who doesn’t mind walking a dog that hasn’t been neutered.

I would also love to hear your own experiences…

Are you keeping your dog intact?
At what age did you neuter your dog?
Does your dog dislike unneutred males?
What have you tried to do to change that?
How difficult is it to find your intact dog proper care when you are on holidays, or when you have to spend a lot of time at work during the week?

Thank you for your comments.

Yours Suki

This blog post is dedicated to Archie. A lovely Lhasa Apso, who had to be neutered this week to stop other dogs bullying him.