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Outstanding Services

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Comparing Dog Boarding Options

Do you ever feel guilty when you’re about to go away and you have to make arrangements for your dog?

Getting your and your dog’s mind into the right state will assist your precious companion emotionally. Finding a kennel, home dog boarding facility or a pet sitter for your dog is really not a bad thing. All we need to tell our pets is that they will have a great time looking after the person that has come to care for them. They will think it’s much more fun this way anyway, as it gives them a great job, and makes them feel their role is important. Trust me… dogs love jobs!

In an ideal world we would all be able to take our dogs on holiday with us, or have a friend or family member who is able to look after our faithful friend when we go away. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world and very often as dog owners we require care for our pets when we go away.

Perhaps you’re not having a person come to stay and look after your dog.  You may be sending them to a kennel. Again, don’t feel guilty, this sends the wrong message to them.  Going to a kennel can be lots of fun. There are lots of other dogs to play with constantly, and so much action happening all the time.

Dogs feeds off, and follow our energy so if we’re having any guilty feelings or thoughts, we’re sending this message across to them. They don’t understand our reasons for it, but they translate it as there is something bad going to happen and that they should worry. If you really love your dog and I am sure you do, and all you want for your dog is to be happy while you are away then, make sure they know, they will have lots of fun wherever they go.

To make sure your dog is having as much fun as he can, you have to think about what kind of arrangements are the most suitable for you dog. Every dog is different, and while some of them would greatly benefit from a fun busy kennel environment, others perhaps would be happier somewhere quieter, and some need to stay in their own home.

Let’s start with Dog Kennels

Is your dog a happy go lucky kind of dog who loves busy places, people and other dogs? Then you are at an advantage. If you decide to go for kennels, it might just save you some hard earned money while keeping your dog happy and well cared for. In terms of cost, kennels can often appear cheaper than other services, but please check what is included in the published price and if they have any additional services charges.

When you decide a kennelling service is the right arrangement for you, then it is crucial that you visit the kennels, talk to the staff and ideally speak to other owners who have used this facility and get their feedback on the service.

Whether the kennel is one of the stylish “dog hotels” with luxury bedding, television etc or a less glamorous more “traditional” kennel, check that they hold an up to date licence.

Are you not sure if your dog would enjoy a stay in a kennel?

I always recommend to be proactive. Please introduce your dog to a boarding kennel environment even if you are not going away yet. A day or night stays can make a whole difference and can help you to decide, if it’s the best option for your doggie friend. British researchers suggest that dogs may enjoy spending a short time in a kennel in a similar way that people enjoy their holidays abroad. So what are you waiting for? Go and check his holiday home.

Home dog boarding

Is your dog too precious for kennels? Then perhaps home boarding is just what he needs. Home dog boarding is exactly what it says, your dog will stay in someone’s home while you are away. In most of those home dog boarding places your dogs will be looked after just like one of the family, which makes it much easier for the dog to settle and more importantly, not miss their owner too much.

Your dog boarder can make sure your dog keeps up with their usual routine including mealtimes, walks, grooming necessities and any training regimes — so your pet is less anxious while you’re away from them.

The standard provided by home boarders varies greatly. Done well home boarding gives your dog his own holiday in a loving environment allowing you to relax and enjoy your own holiday. Done badly, this service can compromise your pet’s welfare as some individuals try to cram as many dogs as possible into their own home (effectively an unregulated kennel).

To make sure you avoid a bad experience you should speak to other owners who have used this home boarding before, and get their feedback on the service. I always recommend to ask a local vet, dog groomer, dog walker or dog trainer about their experiences as they are probably the best people to point you in the right direction.

Home boarding done well is a great alternative to a kennel especially if you are one of the fantastic owners and you own a rescued dog. Putting a rescued dog into a kennel environment could cause him unnecessary stress, and you surely don’t want an old anxieties to resurface.

Dog sitting

Often confused with dog boarding dog sitting is when someone comes into your home to stay with your dog while you are away. From your dog’s point of view this can remove the stress on your dog as he isn’t relocated and remains in familiar surroundings while you are away.

Dogs love routine! It helps them cope with the human world. Your pet sitter can make sure your dog keeps up with their usual routine including walks, mealtimes, grooming necessities and any training regimes so your pet is less anxious while you’re away from them.

A pet carer can give you regular updates on how your animal is doing, what they are up to and even, with the wonders of modern technology, send you photos and videos of them enjoying their days.

Having someone stay at your home isn’t cheap, but may be well priced if you have multiple animals to care for.

However, this service has other issues most obviously being are you happy to have a stranger living in your house while you are away? As for privacy and security concerns, choose someone whose reliability and honesty are already demonstrated. For example, your long time dog walker or dog trainer. Needless to say, there are obvious advantages of having your dog trainer spending an extra valuable time with your dog.

Despite the cost, an in-home sitter may be best for your dog, especially if the sitter is someone who knows him well. Any stress caused by your absence may be lessened by staying in a familiar place, with a familiar person, and keeping something like a familiar routine. Also, if your dog is fearful of new experiences or has other behaviour problems, the more stable you can keep his environment the better.

Hopefully this article has provided you with a clear insight into the services available to you the next time you have to leave your dog. No matter which service you use my advice would be make sure that you visit the premises where your dog will be staying, with your dog. If your dog will be mixed with others make sure he is well socialised with them prior to your holiday. Also check whether the company/ individual you plan to use complies with all legal requirements for the service they offer.

I wish you and your dog very happy holidays! Click here to find a great dog boarding facility