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Dear Mr Cesar Millan

I admire Cesar for working with dogs who, if their behaviour didn’t change, would die. Whether we like his methods or not, he found a way to keep those dogs alive. Often, the owner has got in touch with Cesar Millan because the trainer they tried to work with said the dog should be euthanized. I haven’t seen Cesar give up on a dog yet.

I decided (much to the dismay of some trainers) not to take sides. I don’t label myself a positive dog trainer or a dog whisperer. Instead of that I choose to stay open and learn as much as I can about all kinds of dog training so I can make my own conclusions.

These are a lot of positives I leaned from Cesar:

1) Staying always calm no matter what. I do not get frustrated and I do not ever lose my temper with a dog. My patience has no limits! Losing a temper = a punishment, which isn’t productive, nor helpful.

2) Dogs do need rules, boundaries, leadership as well as exercise before affection.

3) Dogs do help other dogs to learn much faster.

And of course the negatives:

1) Direct confrontation is not necessary. And if you are not Cesar and do not have his timings then you are at risk of getting hurt. I prefer to slowly work on the issue.

2) Electric collars? Thanks, not for me! I am not a fan of this device and I wrote about it in “The Perfect Lot” poem in  “What Would The Pooch Say” book. I always ask myself… “Would I be happy if somebody would use this device or technique on me?” If the answer says “NO”, I don’t use it. It’s really as simple as that.

3) Flipping a dog over on its back? When I was a kid, I learned pretty fast just by watching Daisy, the Doberman, that it’s not a good idea. She was doing exactly that to my Dachsie, but it never calmed him down, quite the opposite… he got so mad! Of course if you want to get bitten (she almost did), go ahead.

If you’re not a Cesar fan, just remember that he’s not intentionally trying to harm the dogs, he is trying his best to help as many of them as he can, the only way he knows.

I understand that not everybody can see his love for dogs the way I do, but then… I always choose to see the best in people the same way I choose to see the best in every dog.

Stay calm and be kind to your dog.

Yours Suki