Outstanding Services

  • Hound Hall Luxury Dog Hotel

  • Hurworth Burn Luxury Pet Hotel

  • Just-Like-Home Residential Dog Daycare & Boarding

  • Bellslea Hills Pet Hotel & Spa

Outstanding Services

Outstanding Services

  • Dog Trainer in Slough

  • POOCH PAWS Dog Trainer and Behaviourist

How to trick my owner into spending more time with me.

5 easy steps to get your owner’s (FULL)


Step 1)

Always leave a present when home alone. NO PRESENT => (equals) NO ATTENTION.


Step 2)

Make sure your owner always think you are up to something when you disappear out of sight => he will make sure that he stays close by.


Step 3)

Pretend that you are choking or your paw hurts, you will get lots of cuddles and kisses out of it. Those two tricks work every time. No risk or punishment either unless you are choking on something really expensive…


Step 4)

Enjoy your home… The sofa makes a great trampoline, make most of it! Forgotten tea or coffee on the table? I love refreshments!!!


Step 5)

Never let your owner find out how smart you are! If you pretend to be super cute, but stupid, you will get away with all of the above :)