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Outstanding Services

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Queen of Patience

I probably should mention
Who’s the queen of patience.
She can never give a toss,
She is a smartie, golden boss.

What a stubborn fluffy ball of gold,
Having fun testing me
Every time
I take her for a stroll.

If you think,
You know what I mean.
Don’t be so assured
She is nothing like you’ve ever seen!

I have been working with this one for a while
And she keeps me on my toes
Every time I think,
I just won her heart.

We’ve got this fantastic push-pull relationship
And everybody must wonder what is it
About those two blond crazy acting chicks?
Anybody out there with more training tips?

Well, I can’t even finish this poem.
I just turned around and she is testing again!
She must know what I am writing about.
She caught me off guard, not watching out!

She is already coming back
From her naughty, smelly creation.
Ah well, that’s what you get
For losing one second of your attention.
And I am pretty sure
That was exactly her primal intention.

Well done, Goldie!
What have you done
To your beautiful golden locks?
I don’t believe it!
They are black!
And smell like a fox!

I could name another —
Her favourite flaw.
Always watch out
For her cute little jaw.
That’s how she likes to greet people,
Instead of a simple greeting with a paw.

And have you ever seen her with a stone?
She is like a queen!
Guarding her throne!

No matter how much I moan.
Queen of ignoration,
She just won’t leave it alone!

She is like, “I am not going
To give you my stone!
Go away! And find yourself
One of your own!”

Look up, my Goldie.
Have you noticed?
Look where we are!
Can you believe it?
Over the time you created
Another patient star!

I am using your own weapons now,
Avoiding acting like a screaming cow.
I learned to stay grounded,
Switch off my push buttons,
Build nerves of stainless steel,
And that’s how one day
I will win your devotion, your heart,
My gorgeous patient queen.