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Outstanding Services

Outstanding Services

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Suki The Saluki

Have you ever looked at Doggie and thought
Gosh, you are unique,
You are one of a kind!
And have you ever met the one,
The one which stayed a long time on your mind?


Then you know, what I try to say.
There is always one you can’t get away.
And have you ever wondered
Why it so might be?
Would you let me explain?
Would you let me help you see?


So take a minute or two
And imagine this wonderful Doggie
Sits in front of you.
Imagine him looking straight into your eyes.
Did you get lost or even paralyzed?


I don’t really know and I can’t speak for you
But when I meet Suki
This is what happens to me,
This is what I do.


Just looking at her makes me feel whole.
It must be those beautiful eyes
Reaching for my soul.


I wish I could stay here
And stare for ever.
There is no way those kind and loving eyes could lie.
Not now, not here, simply never.


So ask your soul
What makes those eyes so special.
And there you know
The thing they do is mirror your soul,
Your spirit, your treasure.


So take another minute or two
And go back to your dream
With a Doggie in front of you.


And there you go.
It hits you out of blue.
She is your soulmate
And you are hers too.