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Why you should and shouldn’t get a puppy for Xmas


If you still believe in Santa Claus, please do not read any further!!!

It’s the time of the year, when those without a dog, but really wanting one (especially kids!) are starting to think about getting a lovely new puppy this Xmas.

It’s so hard to resist our children’s puppy eyes when they ask and ask and ask again. How could you resist? And how could you resist with all those Xmas adverts bombarding you with funny dogs and enticing you even further? I have to yet meet somebody, who hasn’t by now seen a sensational new advert from John Lewis featuring #bustertheboxer. This advert alone created a whole new bouncy doggie as well as kiddie audience and I just wonder, that there might be a shortage of boxer puppies this Xmas. And then I wonder, how many of those purchased will end up in the rescue centres after Xmas is gone?

If you are getting a puppy for your child as a present for this Xmas, make sure it doesn’t just pop out of a magic box, it’s so much more meaningful, if your child is involved in the preparation, knowing about the responsibilities required and picking the puppy himself. If your child is way too young to understand all of this and still believes in Santa Claus, please don’t do it, just get the puppy for yourself. I know, this sounds so selfish and harsh, but no child should think that puppies are presents. Presents do not come with responsibilities and it would give your child a wrong idea about owning a dog. Does your child still play with a toy he got 5 years ago? A dog is for life, not just for Christmas! Picking my own dog up is one of my greatest child memory and yes I did get my first dog for Xmas, but the reason for such a timing was that it was half term and I had more time to look after her and potty train her before I had to go back to school. It was a well considered decision as I had been asking and asking and asking for 5 long years. Can you imagine? There you go for persistence!

Puppies are not presents you can just toss to the corner of your bedroom when you get bored of them and forget them there for days, weeks or even months. They require constant care just like our children do. They need our daily interaction, exercise, full tummy and empty bladder (preferably not on the carpet) and they can’t do it for themselves. So it’s up to us to be honest with ourselves and think really deeply before we make such a commitment.

Here are some pros and cons which might help you to make the right decision. Let’s start positively with PROS:

You will finally understand what unconditional love means.

There will be always somebody glad to see you.

There will be no shortage of doggy cuddles.

You will get fitter.

You will socialize more.

Dogs are fun, you will smile more.

You will gain another weapon for fighting stress.

You will gain a new best friend and she will always keep your secrets safe.

You will require fewer visits to the doctor (not the vet!)

You will never feel lonely again.


Those are pretty cool right? So brace yourself for the CONS:


Forget the family holidays unless you can afford an alternative care for your new pooch.

Don’t you like mud? Too bad!

Your dog will need more haircuts than you do (applying only to those wanting a “fluffy” puppy)

Juggling full time work and owning a dog is a challenge.

Expecting help from your children? Not likely! Even if they were the ones wanting a dog.

You will spend much more time cleaning.

Dog hairs will become your new accessory unless you get the one, which does not moult.

Time… you will never have enough of it.

Your purse is not going to be as heavy as it used to. That’s a good thing, right?

Don’t expect the dog to train herself. Of course, it will train herself remarkably well in all the bad stuff.

Did you get to the end of cons and decide a dog is just what you and your kids need? Then congratulation, I hope you will find yourself an amazing friend this Christmas. Just a tiny little request from me… Please, please steer away from puppy mill farmers and do not support canine misery. There is plenty of advice online on how to avoid such places.

If you are still undecided please see our recent post “Before you get a puppy!” and if you are one of  the heroes wanting to adopt instead of shop please read our “Adopting a dog” post.

Happy holidays!

Suki The Saluki